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New vs. Pre-Owned Homes: 10 Important Things To Consider

Buying new vs preowned home

When you go searching for your perfect home, you’re going to find all kinds of options. Some buyers have a strong preference for new builds versus pre-owned homes, while others are open to whichever best suits their needs.

In this post, you’ll find some tips and information that may help inform that decision. At the very least, you’ll learn issues to watch for and questions to ask of your real estate agent as you evaluate and compare your options.

Make sure you’re taking these factors into consideration in your home search.

1. Your health

New homes are built with materials that are free of asbestos, lead, and the types of particleboard and plywood that contaminate the air with formaldehyde emissions.

Many older homes were built with these toxic materials. For instance, asbestos is often found in older homes’ textured ceilings, pipes, insulation, floor tiles, roof tiles, and cement board. Lead was often used in paint and in solder for plumbing.

2. Your safety

Builders are meeting higher safety standards today than they were required to in the past.

Statistics indicate that new home buyers will be almost six times less likely to die in fires than occupants of older homes. Standard features today include smoke and carbon detection systems, circuit breakers and ground fault interrupters.

3. Energy efficiency

New homes typically consume half as much energy as homes built before 1980. More efficient heating and cooling systems, better windows, controlled air filtration, controlled water flow, and improved insulation will save you money every month in utility bills.

4. Your neighbours

In a new community, everyone is moving into the area at the same time which gives you something in common with your new neighbours. This often facilitates meeting the people around you and creating lasting friendships. If you buy a used home, you and your kids will be faced with the more difficult task of trying to break into an established social structure.

5. New Home Warranty

New homes usually come with new home warranties and manufacturers warranties. Used homes, however, may need new roofs, heating and air-conditioning units, plumbing, electrical and appliances at anytime due to their deterioration over time. Used home buyers need to plan for these unpredictable and costly expenses.

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6. Construction quality

Houses are built better today than 10 years ago. Appliances, doors, windows, and hardware are also better because manufacturers are constantly improving their products to stay competitive. Extra bracing and framing anchors help homes withstand high winds, storms, and even earthquakes.

New building materials make roofs and floors stronger and quieter than those in older homes. Basements built today remain dryer than those built in the past because builders are using materials and techniques that resist cracking and leaking.

7. Better financing

A few builders have negotiated significant discounts from interest rates for their buyers but realtors will more often than not have accessibility to superior financing options.

Also, new home buyers can usually include the costs of builder options and upgrades within their mortgage if done at the time of purchase.

8. Superior design

New homes are often built with dramatic entryways, deluxe master baths, high ceilings, and innovative windows for a feeling of luxury and spaciousness.

New homes are typically designed with larger areas for relaxation and informal entertaining; longer sight lines, especially in the entryways; lots of natural light sources; flexible rooms that can be used for libraries, dens or guest rooms; ample storage and built-ins; double vanities in master bathrooms; larger walk in closets; and enclosed toilet rooms.

Builders are making use of innovative and strategically planned windows, skylights, and layouts that fill a house with natural light adding warmth and uplifting charm for those inside.

9. Modern features

New homes are built with spaces for electronic equipment that didn’t even exist when older homes were built (primarily computers and entertainment equipment). These homes are usually prewired (or can be prewired) for computer, phone, cable, security and sound systems.

10. Peace of mind

You, your family, and your guests will all enjoy the good feelings that come from being in a new home. Everything in your new home will be clean and new. You won’t need to worry about discovering reasons why the previous owner chose to live elsewhere.

All these points are reviewed by us when we meet with you to discuss the home you feel will meet your family’s needs. Bill will assist you in making a list of your wants, needs and desires.

He will introduce you to the best options available, including new homes, and negotiate on your behalf to be sure the home, price and terms are the best possible!

Start your search here today and give Bill a call at 519-377-7627 or contact him here to get your new home search going in the right direction.

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