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Preparing For Your Picture Day!

In order to be ready for this appointment here are a few tips from our Team’s Photographer. 

Some of these items you may have already completed and some may not apply to your situation. 

Remember the photographer does not move furniture or rearrange items.  The property must be totally ready for their arrival.  If this is a problem call ASAP to reschedule.

  • Move the car(s) out of the driveway.  It’s best to park them at least 50 ft away from the house and driveway or parking area.
  • Clear as much off the kitchen counters as possible and remove towels and dishcloths, soap dispensers, place mats, scatter rugs etc.
  • Strip the fridge of magnets, calendars & personal notes.
  • Check the kids’ rooms for unmade beds, etc.
  • High chairs and the bulkier kids’/babies’ stuff can be removed to the garage or unfinished part of the basement for the day.
  • Bathroom towels tidied, counters and bathtubs cleared of soap dispensers and cleaning supplies, floor mats and garbage pails removed.
  • Open all blinds and curtains and have all lights on including lamps….of course if you will not be home the videographer will deal with the lighting.
  • Turn on the fireplace if you are home.
  • Photos of the furnace, electrical panel, shed and central air will also taken so be sure they are all accessible.
  • The outside should be staged as well….an attractive planter and chairs on the front porch are a great idea even in winter.
  •  Set the stage on the deck/patio/balcony too.  Add chairs with cushions and put the umbrella up.  If you have a fire pit put some wood in it and chairs around it. Be sure gardens are trimmed and sidewalks edged. Remove your BBQ cover for pics and showings.
  • If it is a winter tour then of course driveways, walkways, steps, patio and deck need to be shoveled before the videographer arrives to really show them off. Remove the snow from bushes out front and in garden areas too so we can give buyers a better idea of just what you have to sell!

It’s a great idea to review the list of General Staging Ideas you received from our Team.

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