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Simple, Helpful Tips for Sellers

Thinking of listing your home this spring? Get ahead of the game with these simple tips to help you proactively prepare to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers.


Pack away personal items, keeping the space clear of extra accessories, knick-knacks, personal photos, etc. This will make it easier for potential buyers to focus on the actual home, rather than the items that won’t be staying. It will help them picture their own lives and loved ones in the house.

Get fresh.

Don’t cover odours—eliminate them. Sometimes covering odours can be much worse than the odour itself. People do not like being confronted by a strong smell, and it may just create the first impression that you are trying to hide something.

Start stowing away.

Do not cram everything into storage space and cupboards. Make sure everything is neat and organized. One of the biggest things potential buyers notice is a lack of storage space. If yours is messy and overflowing they may see it as not enough room.

Make a staging strategy.

If you have been using a spare room as a gym or office, you may want to stage it back to the intended purpose. Don’t confuse the buyers.

Be careful not to over-stage. Having the dining room table fully set for dinner, or over-accessorizing with throw pillows, etc. can distract buyers and make the space feel smaller. Keep it natural and simple.

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