David and Norma Collis

After our country home sat on the market for quite some time, we decided to change real estate agents and chose Bill McFarlane and Ernie Coates  at Sutton real estate.

They came to our home to meet with us and arrived with a thoughtful and well thought out plan for marketing our home.Any advice they gave us was done in a gentle manner and we did not feel pressured or co erced into agreeing to anything we were not comfortable with.

Within 3 weeks of listing with them, they brought us an offer which led to the sale of our home.Due to extenuating circustances the buyer had to ask for several extensions regarding the closing date.Bill and Ernie continued to hold open houses and private showings of our home until the deal was finalised.

Any inquiries or concerns we had were answered immediately and in a higly professional manner.This pleasant professionalism includes all of their agents and their office staff.

The closing of the sale went very smoothly and when we thanked our lawyers office for that, they replied that our agents office was so co operative to work with, it made the lawyers job  much easier to do.

We would not hesitate to recommend Sutton real estate Owen Sound to anyone who is seeking competent and attentive agents.They took the stress out of the entire process and we will look back on this  as having been a very positive experience.