The Ingram’s

I’m just writing to say how satisfied I was with your ability in selling our home.

We came to the two of you uncertain of how things would go. You both assured us that with a little bit of work we would have no trouble at all selling the house. It was a tough sell for us as we had tried to sell in the past with no luck. There was always lots of showings on the property and we just couldn’t get the deal done.

First you both insisted, this time would be different. We talked about a few things but most importantly you guys gave us the facts on your sales, and what was on the market. With a little bit of reassurance, we came to an agreement that you would represent us along with our property.

The next step was to give the place some TLC. It was going to be tough for us to find the time to do this, as we live 2.5 hours from Owen Sound. You guys once again reassured us that everything would be fine. You then gave us contact information for someone that did excellent work at a reasonable cost.

Within a week we had multiple showings. Within a few days of that, not only did we get 1 offer, but we had 3 offers on the table at one time. It came down to competing offers that ended up getting us well over our asking price. We couldn’t be more thankful for the quick sale, and then to have it close 30 days later.

It was truly an honour to work with you guys, your professionalism, and great work ethic really go’s a long way. It shows why Sutton Realty Inc. is a leading brand in the Owen Sound area. I will gladly recommend your services to any of my family and friends in the area that are looking to buy or sell their home.

All the best.